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Intraoral Digital Scanners

With the Dexis IS 3600, IS 3700 and IS 3800W intra oral digital scanners, offices are now able to move away from the traditional impression material and tray in the mouth with a gypsum lab to a digital impression of the mouth and digital lab. With digital scanning, offices will always have the digital STL file on hand and eliminating the storage of gypsum models.

Extraoral 3D Digital X-ray Imaging

The DEXIS i-CAT FLEX V-Series, OP 3D and OP 3D Pro are the gold standards in X-ray imaging with proven consistent high-quality results. Innovation provides ease of use and time savings in capturing patient diagnostic information by maximizing patient fields of view.

Intraoral Digital X-ray Imaging

The Nomad Pro 2, Focus, Titanium Sensors and IXS Sensors integrate into DTX software seamlessly for greater efficiency in taking diagnostic images. Our intra oral digital X-ray solutions produce sharp images on a consistent basis and are always ready to perform.

Imaging and Printing Software

DTX Studio through DEXIS is an image acquisition with diagnostic functionality software. The software works ties all the 3D equipment together with efficient imaging workflows ranging from intra oral scanning, 3D X-ray imaging, IXS sensors, and their handheld Nomad X-ray. One software to acquire all imaging data for the doctor’s practice.

3D Printing

Desktop Health is the market leader in delivering desktop 3D printers and materials that deliver best-in-class results. They are the leaders in the dental market for speed, accuracy, surface smoothness, and post-processing. They continue to push towards excellence in developing their patented Einstein 3D Printer Line One Printer and their D4K Pro DLP (digital light processing) printer. Their groundbreaking innovations are providing same-day patient solutions saving valuable time and enhancing the patient experience.