Die & Crown Models

Restoration Model for High-Precision, High Accuracy 

DMR III die and crown model resins is a cutting-edge UV-cured resin specifically formulated for precision at 50-micron layers and not sacrifice speed. Creating prosthodontic and orthodontic application models has never been more effortless, thanks to DMR III’s exceptional properties.

This innovative resin ensures a superior surface finish, accurate margins, and detailed occlusal features, resulting in a precise fit for dental prosthetics. DMR III showcases outstanding dimensional stability, with minimal water absorption, shrinkage, and deformation rates. This allows the material to maintain its accyracy and strength, even after prolonged storage and use.

In summary, DMR III delivers a perfect combination of precision, stability, and strength, making it the ideal choice for 3D printing dental appliances in both prosthodontics and orthodontics.