MCF Solutions is a consultative dental dealer with top of the line digital equipment for imaging, intraoral scanning and 3D printing.

MCF Solutions is a consultative dental dealer with top of the line digital equipment for imaging, intraoral scanning and 3D printing.

What We Do

Our goal is to help dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons move their practices forward by enhancing their ability to improve the practice workflow through new technologies and innovative products to attract new patients and enhance the patient experience. We provide direct access to the top manufacturers and highest quality 3D digital dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery solutions. We deliver education and training on products both in the selection phase through installation and beyond as a long-term partner.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Better Practice Workflow

Creates a paradigm shift with 3D digital technologies that optimize time savings throughout the practice workflow while capturing the patient’s clinical diagnostic information, thus allowing for enhanced diagnosis and treatment implementation processes.

Differentiate Your Practice

Internal and external marketing benefits of 3D digital technologies provide a positive journey for all and adds differentiation for the practice to the community.

Better Patient Experience

The “patient experience” is optimized due to the practice providing in-house point-of-care solutions for the patient with 3D digital technologies while saving valuable time and improving the treatment process.

Looking to Improve your Practice Workflow through Innovative Digital Dentistry Products?

Who We Serve

We provide innovative, high-quality digital dentistry solutions to dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons and others in the dental industry who are looking to move their practices forward. Whether these professionals are hoping to reduce wait time to make a diagnosis, reduce patient chair time, keep services in-house or keep relevant with current technologies to attract top talent and reduce staff turnover, we are here to provide consultative advice on the best products to meet their needs.

It Starts with Quality

Having 36 years of experience in working with orthodontists and oral surgeon practices, we know this industry very well and only agreed to represent brands we truly believe provide the most quality and innovation. Therefore, we are proud to represent these brands:


Dexis' trusted products are built on over 200 years of dental imaging expertise, combining leading brands including i-CAT, Titanium, IXS and NOMAD Pro 2. Today, over 150,000 offices trust DEXIS products around the world. From its groundbreaking i-CAT and OP3D built on pioneering Cone Beam CT advancements, to the handheld NOMAD system, to its ruggedly intelligent DEXIS Titanium sensors — DEXIS solutions transform practices & patient smiles.

LuxCreo logo

LuxCreo's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable manufacturing with 3D printing. LuxCreo is a leader in 3D printing solutions and is committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success. Providing fully integrated solutions – cloud-connected 3D printers, AI-enabled printing software, and advanced materials, LuxCreo is transforming the way businesses design and manufacture products in consumer, medical, dental, and industrial industries.

Desktop Health Logo

For 18+ years, Desktop Health (powered by EnvisionTEC) has been delivering desktop and production 3D printers and materials that deliver best-in-class results. We are leaders in the dental market. Nobody beats Desktop Health when it comes to accuracy, surface finish and speed.

Product Categories

Intraoral Digital Scanners

DEXIS 3800

FLX V-Series


Extraoral 3D Digital X-ray Imaging


Intraoral Digital X-ray Imaging


Imaging & Printing Software

dtx studio

3D Printers

LuxCreo iLux Pro

3D Accessories

LuxCreo iLuxCure

3D Materials

LuxCreo DCA